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SPS is an IT services company operating nationwide. We both, support and lead, pioneering projects for our customers, who are part of the German and international top economic segment. Our customers value us as a competent and reliable partner in consulting, design, development and introduction of modern information and communication systems.

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March 2019
SPS Consulting & Services GmbH completes a framework contract for the provision of ICT services with L'ORÉAL Deutschland GmbH.

December 2018
We decided to financially support the volunteers of the Kinder & Jugend Hospiz Dienst in Baden-Baden. The employees of the Kinder & Jugend Hospiz Dienst have one issue: to be there for and attend life-shortened sick children and their families, as well as grieving families.

It is not easy to imagine that your own child becomes incurable ill. The child himself, the siblings, the parents, even the whole family has to learn to enjoy beautiful moments, as well as to allow and endure heavy feelings. Children and teenager experience the loss of a family member in different ways. The employees oft the Kinder & Jugend Hospiz Dienst are helping here in many ways, too.
When we heard about the tireless commitment volunteers offer to those affected, they help them to find strength, courage and hope for the future, it was important to us to support the employees at least a little. If only to relax the one or the other financial situation.

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October 2018
On the second weekend of October our SPS Fest 2018 took place at the Berner Oberland. The partners of our employees were also invited. Since our employees are working for different customers and projects throughout Germany, these meetings always provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and to intensify personal friendships among each other.

Our destination – Top of Europe – we reached starting from Interlaken with the rack railway past the Eigernordwand to the Kleine Scheidegg, in order to change there into the Jungfraubahn. Through the Eiger and the Mönch our way finally led to the Jungfraujoch at 3.454m. Hardly conceivable under which conditions and with which tools the men (1898-1912) must have built this tunnel. Already then, the power of vision and the belief in reaching a goal, and the bond with each other, ultimately led to the ultimate goal: Europe's highest railway station.
Thanks to the determination of the tunnellers and their persistence, we were able to admire the Berner Alpen with incredible farsightedness with fantastic weather. This will certainly be an unforgettable experience for all of us.
By the way: even then, construction costs were exceeded: CHF 16 million, twice as much as planned.
As another highlight we were able to experience a lecture by Erich von Däniken. In an impressive way, we were able to participate in his fascinating reflections and research, which are understandable for one person and hard to believe or imagine for the other.

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October 2018
SPS Consulting & Services GmbH is a listed supplier and DevOps-Provider of the BMW Group. We are pleased about this positive development and further cooperation.