Staff Interviews

Ulrich Wenzel, CEO

Mr. Wenzel, what awaits new employees in the SPS or why should IT-specialists choose SPS?

Now, I believe there are many reasons for that. Opportunities for personal and professional development can be balanced here very well. Flat structures give employees the chance to communicate directly with management. I know every employee personally, which has significant advantages for each individual: I see their successes. And if something goes wrong, but the situation is handled with integrity, and even when needed in a self-critical manner, something positive can arise from it. By the way, in this regard: for me certain moral qualities – as for example honesty and sincerity – still have meaning.

It’s very important to me, that our employees know each other and compare notes with each other, regarding both technical know-how and the general exchange of ideas and thoughts. With our ongoing discussion forums and our company events including employees’ families, we also offer a comfortable environment for discussions on a personal level.

If you look at our customer base, we have already achieved a lot. As a result, we have a number of major international customers and domestic customers. We play a part in many innovative IT projects, based on the latest IT structures and pioneering technologies.

Some applications are found in our normal everyday life. It is important to us that our employees are involved in exciting and challenging projects, because that way our employees are challenged and supported – in other words, further educated.

So far, I have taken care of the future of our company through considered actions and purposeful, innovative decisions. This will continue. The substantial knowledge of our employees, coupled with reliable company policies from my side will see to that.

Success is a driver and a responsibility for me at the same time. I think you can infer a lot from that.

Jürgen Praska, Project Manager Consulting and Software Development

Mr. Praska, you are part of the management group at SPS. How do you see the career opportunities in your company?

At SPS, we live the principle of “supporting and challenging”. Every employee can develop freely and suggest their ideas, because that’s the only way that we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge. We try to work out tailored advanced vocational trainings for and with each employee, so that the best possible development can be achieved. This applies on both the professional and personal levels. At the same time, we rely on a willingness to learn and a passion for future-facing, innovative ideas, as well as a willingness to try new things. When that’s in place, all doors are open for our employees, regardless of whether they are aiming at a technical or a management career.

Norbert Klein

Mr. Klein, what draws you in the interesting and varied project work that you get from working at SPS?

In all my project assignments to date, modern and innovative technologies have always been used. So I am always current, can deepen my knowledge in these areas and then use that for future projects. In addition, no project is like the last. Over and over, it is exciting for me to step into new companies and bring my own knowledge into a new environment. At the same time, I’m able to learn something new in each project.

Personally, I love to speak foreign languages. So, it always makes me happy when I’m involved in international projects in which I work together with colleagues from all over the world. Here I can work on my English and sometimes even my French skills – so that my work also helps me in my private life.

Florian Fabig

Mr. Fabig, why did you choose SPS CS as your employer and what is it you value at your job with SPS CS?

I believe that the corporate structure involving a flat hierarchy makes SPS CS an ideal employer in the field of IT consulting. The spectrum of interesting and varied everyday IT projects, as well as an opportunity to employ my knowledge in internal tasks and projects were crucial points in my decision.

Another valuable factor I found at SPS CS is personal development. Today’s IT business is developing very fast, and it is therefore of great importance to constantly develop one’s skills and support your personal development with targeted trainings. SPS CS promotes this process through highly relevant and closely evaluated training and development opportunities.