Labour Standards

It is exceptionally important to us, to have a fair and decent interpersonal behavior with our employees, freelancers, customers, business partners and suppliers. Therefore, we are committed, in our code of conduct, to the International Bill on Human Rights of the United Nations and the principles of the core labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

As a responsible employer the following topics are paramount to us:

  • safety and health protection
  • ban on child labour and protection of employees under the age of 18
  • prevent of discrimination and harassment
  • equal opportunities and equal treatment
  • appropriate remuneration
  • ensure the fulfillment of the guidelines for working hours
  • right to privacy
  • freedom of association and assembly

Review the compliance of standards

The review of the compliance of the social standards is a multi-piece process:

Regular reviews for fair working conditions: The regular internal survey covers all areas, in which our employees and freelancers are active. This involves checking whether the existing processes comply with the social standards.

Integrity Line: Employees, who wish to report a potential violation of our code of conduct or other policies, may contact the executive board at any time.