Social Commitment

Ambulanter Kinder- und Jugendhospitzdienst (Outpatient Children and Youth Hospice Service)
We decided to financially support the volunteers of the Kinder & Jugend Hospiz Dienst in Baden-Baden. The employees of the Kinder & Jugend Hospiz Dienst have one issue: to be there for and attend life-shortened sick children and their families, as well as grieving families. It is not easy to imagine that your own child becomes incurable ill. The child himself, the siblings, the parents, even the whole family has to learn to enjoy beautiful moments, as well as to allow and endure heavy feelings. Children and teenager experience the loss of a family member in different ways. The employees oft the Kinder & Jugend Hospiz Dienst are helping here in many ways, too.
When we heard about the tireless commitment volunteers offer to those affected, they help them to find strength, courage and hope for the future, it was important to us to support the employees at least a little. If only to relax the one or the other financial situation.

Gesellschaft der Freunde junger Kunst e.V. Baden-Baden (Society of friends of young art in Baden-Baden)
The Society of friends of young art is the art society of Baden-Baden. Their goal is to bring predominantly contemporary art closer to the members of the art society and the general public. They promote contemporary artists as in giving them the opportunity to put an exhibition, and it allows all members of the art society free access to such exhibitions.
Since October 2014, the fountain “Muschelträger” (The Shell Carrier) by sculptor Paul Seiler is standing without figure in Baden-Baden, because his bronze figure was stolen.
We support the initiative to restore this over 100-year-old bronze figure of a boy:
In cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt, existing photos of the original bronze figure will be digitized. In the following 3-D printing process a new mold is created therefrom and a new bronze figure arises.

Blindenwerkstätte Kornwestheim (Workshop for the Blind in Kornwestheim)
The Blindenwerkstätte Kornwestheim GmbH was founded in 1950. Though founder Georg Hofmann himself wasn’t blind, he believed in the idea of blind people working in a traditional craft. The Blindenwerkstätte Kornwestheim has, since then, developed into the largest basketry factory in German-speaking countries, in which exclusively blind and severely visually impaired young basket-makers work in a professional environment.

Gnadenhof für Tiere e.V. (Sanctuary for Animals)
The Gnadenhof für Tiere e.V. has already been working with and for animals since 1999. In this time they have rescued many animals (mainly large animals, such as horses, sheep, cows, pot-bellied pigs, but also poultry of all sorts, as well as cats and dogs) and have connected many of them with animal-loving people. The team from Robin Hood collects food donations under the slogan 'food for homeless, sick and old animals' for the Gnadenhof für Tiere e.V. in Karlsruhe Neureut.
We support the Gnadenhof für Tiere e.V. with our food donations.

The registered trademark Metatop® stands for sponsoring concepts with the aim of financially and materially supporting the complete broad range of associations and schools by facilitating connections with sponsors. Metatop helps to combine the interests of the organisations in the areas of sport, leisure, culture and education with the sponsoring and messaging goals of companies.


POLIZEI-aktuell (Police-the latest)
POLIZEI-aktuell is an information brochure for citizens, schools, vocational schools and the public sector, with a thematic focus on violence prevention, safety and youth protection. We support the initiative against violence.

Deutsche Verkehrswacht Karlsruhe (German Traffic Society, Karlsruhe)
The Deutsche Verkehrswacht’s goal is to increase the road safety through information, education and training. In this area, we assist kindergarten teachers by financing teaching aids and training sessions

Max Planck Gymnasium (Max Planck High School)
The students of the Max Planck Gymnasium participate in the 24-hour run for children's rights. With our sponsorship, we both, support and motivate students but also support the donations campaign for local selected projects in the area of children’s rights.

Sportverein Hohenwettersbach (Sport Club in Hohenwettersbach)
The Sportverein Hohenwettersbach offers many children and young people the opportunity to participate in sports and to keep in shape in many different areas (football, athletics, cycling, etc.). In promotion of youth sports, specifically football, we support the teams with sportswear and training camps.

Wirtschaftsjunioren Karlsruhe / IHK Karlsruhe (Young Executives Karlsruhe / Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe)
The Wirtschaftsjunioren is a group of young self-employed and employed executives. They are focused on the communal and social future of our country. We support a variety of social activities with our sponsorship..

Under the motto “There is a lot of suffering in the world. We help to alleviate it.” UNICEF helps poor people and people in need around the world. Among other things, we support UNICEF in their work by having all greeting cards, Christmas cards, etc. be produced by UNICEF.