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The SPS has been a nationwide operating IT service company for over 25 years. We support and take responsibility for pioneering projects for our customers who belong to the top segment of the German and international economy. Our customers value us as a competent and reliable partner in the consultation, conception, development and introduction of modern information and communication systems.

We are a flexible organization and are shaped and supported by our employees with their knowledge and experience. In order to maintain and develop this further, SPS relies on an open, innovation-promoting climate and value-oriented management of its employees. The SPS achieves strong networks between employees by promoting and demanding creativity, initiative, a sense of responsibility and realistic self-assessment at all levels.

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About us

Our customers enjoy a good reputation – so do we.

Our relationship with our customers

In partnership with our customers, we see ourselves not as a supplier, who provides a service and moves on, but instead we rely successfully on long-term and sustainable partnerships, by sharing the risks and responsibilities inherent in going new ways in IT. This is reflected in our long-lasting relationships with many of our customers. A partnership can only be governed to an extent by contractual obligations. Above all, it must be lived – day by day. Because confidence only comes from understanding – the foundation to approach something new together.

Our understanding of career

We understand a career as the development of the skills of each employee, not as a progression on a rigid career ladder. Our strategic human resources management is based on this idea of a career based on competencies. It relies on the willingness of our employees to build a career in the sense of “growth of their whole personality”, connected with lifelong learning and constant change in challenges, occupations and teams.

Our principles

at a glance

Principle # 1  
Customer satisfaction is our highest business goal.

Principle # 2 
We uphold the highest ethical and business standards and regulations.

Principle # 3 
We offer the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence.

Principle # 4 
We identify business opportunities and work towards them actively.

Principle # 5 
We work sustainably and use resources responsibly.

Principle # 6 
Every employee contributes individually to our success.

Principle # 7 
Every employee receives extensive opportunities for further development.

Principle # 8 
We aim for growth and reasonable returns.

Our clients


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Our services at a glance

Our broad range of ICT topics is always geared to the changing requirements of the market and our customers.

Our heart not only beats for IT

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Assistant to the Executive Board

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Business Development


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Our Understanding of Career