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Project: VENDO
Time period: since 05/2017
Represented Roles:
Java Backend Developer / Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)

The company:

DB Systel GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a fully owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and a digital partner for all Group companies.

The challenge:

VENDO is the renewal of the sales platform for services in rail-bound passenger transport of the DB AG to an innovative, modular platform. This supports the traveler from simple booking to assistance in the event of disruptions to personalized communication in line with the situation before, during and after the journey. Structural deficits of the IT architecture and outdated IT hardware of the previous sales platform lead to the fact that in VENDO a very extensive replacement of previous subsystems has to be implemented.
Due to the strongly master data driven IT system, based on grown solutions from the 90s, new offers, for example, are usually only possible with complex software adaptations.

This results in extensive manual test and release processes, which in turn entail technically oriented maintenance systems. Historically grown and partly manual delivery processes, separate maintenance and redundant implementations in six independent sales channels have so far caused long lead times.

The goal of the project is to reduce the Time-2-Market from several weeks to a few days and hours. This means, for example, that new offers can be created more independently of software adaptations and only by configuration. A completely new technology stack must also be used, which is in line with Deutsche Bahn's cloud strategy.

The solution:

To achieve the project goal, monolithic structures must be dissolved and new modular components with clear responsibilities created (microservices).

The path thus leads from complex IT master data maintenance to flexible rules that can be directly controlled by marketing departments.

SPS Consulting & Services accompanies the customer in this transformation by providing specialists in agile project management, AWS cloud architecture and Java microservices development (frontend/backend/mobile).

Our specialists are responsible for the design and implementation of technical components without direct interface reference within given guardrails. The chosen technical solutions are here equally contemporary, future-proof and fully compatible with the customer strategy.

The project success:

Through the implementation of this project, the customer now has the possibility, due to an agile and scalable IT platform, for example, to create new offers more independently of software adaptations, e.g., to ensure payments and ticketing for orders and to carry out exchange or refund processes without media breaks. Other areas within the sales process, such as passenger rights, can thus also be included in the digitization.