Our success story with

Project: NATHAN
Time period: since 04/2017
Roles Represented:
API Developer, Cloud Architect

The company:

Munich RE is one of the world’s leading reinsurers and risk carriers. The company is active in life, health and property/casualty business and offers products and services along the entire value chain. Munich RE drives innovation and digital solutions through its 50 locations spread across the globe.

The challenge:

Munich RE's wish was to use new possibilities in risk assessment with the help of an online tool. Until now, standardized information could only be accessed as a download.
The data basis for this is:

  • Natural disasters and other geophysical events since 1980
  • economic data such as income groups, insurance density or mortality rates for natural disasters for each country.

The solution:

Since 2017, the application has been using the SAP in memory technology HANA. This data platform simplifies and accelerates complex Big Data analytics processes. Thanks to fast data processing and new dynamic filter functions, insurance companies can now examine their risk portfolios with unprecedented granularity. Underwriting and risk management benefit from faster analyses and more accurate results as a basis for premium calculation, risk assessment as well as profiling decisions.

SPS Consulting & Services accompanies the customer on his way into the digital world. We participate in the development (design HANA database, ODATA interface, xsjs service via the server with .NET Core) as well as in the further expansion of the application. Infragistics is used for reporting. The clients are based on Angular 4 / Typescript.

The project success:

Users can now create analyses according to their individual needs in order to perform meaningful and up-to-date risk assessments. For example, it is now possible to individually analyze natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. Filter and display functions are constantly being expanded and further developed in this tool. The current version offers enhanced options for more depth of detail and rapid insights for very large portfolios, all at extreme speed.