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Project: VENDO
Time period: since 05/2014
Represented roles: Java Microservices Developer / Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer (m/w/d)

The company:

DB Systel GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a fully owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and a digital partner for all Group companies.

The challenge:

As part of its "Strong Rail" strategy, Deutsche Bahn AG is pursuing the goal of offering "smart services," among other things. This also refers explicitly and explicitly to the sustainable improvement of traveler information. The corresponding measures in projects and specialist areas of recent years are thus being continued and expanded at full speed.
This also applies to the traveler information project. Extensive activities have been underway since 2014 to fundamentally renew the traveler information at the stations and to make it more robust and solution-oriented and reliable for travelers.

In this project, all those topics are dealt with that can be assigned to stationary traveler information at the station in the broadest sense. In order to implement the traveler information strategy in the business area, the architecture of the traveler information system as a system of processes, data structures, hardware and software with underlying business processes is to be further developed in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. The technical and organizational foundations for the future traveler information system will be (further) developed and implemented ready for use. This includes in particular the replacement of the existing technology including the associated operating processes by a new backend system with corresponding processes as well as the creation of the prerequisites for ordering new displays by the station management. The project will be implemented using agile methods (Scrum/SAFe).

The challenge is to regulate the content, processes and IT of traveler information across all business areas in such a way that customers receive relevant, timely, complete and consistent information via the information channels in the event of deviations from the value proposition. To this end, a vision, as well as a strategic target picture, taking into account the expectations of local and long-distance customers, must be taken into account.

The solution:

SPS Consulting & Services GmbH supports its customer with the conception, development and introduction of new software, but also hardware for the output of traveler information at the train station as well as the design of the associated processes and organization. The project is based on design thinking, SCRUM and agile management methods. In the technical area, cloud computing (Amazon Web Services) is used consistently and a high-performance microservice architecture is employed.

The project success:

For the nationwide rollout, software development is ongoing, which means: this is as much about developing for stable and high-performance operation as it is about implementing real innovations.